Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Lines Are Better Than One..

Tuesday morning, May 17, I decide to take a pregnancy test. Aunt flow had been making her appearances quite irregularly and with her  now a week over due, I decided to put my mind at ease and confirm she would soon  be here. I did what any gal would do and I took a pregnancy test..before rushing out the door for my (already late) work day.  I followed the directions, glanced at it and didn't seem to be anything suspect so I went to feed the dogs.  I came back a few minutes later expecting to toss it in the trash bin and go on my way. Well, that didn't happen. I saw TWO lines instead of the expected one line.  I stood in shock and excitement and just stared at it. And starred at it. And starred at it.  I had to text a picture to Emily for confirmation and yep, she agreed, I was definitely pregnant.  Now next thing on the agenda- tell husband then parents, in that order.  I went to work that Tuesday morning and should have won world's worst employee for that day b/c I did nothing but figure out how I was going to tell my husband.

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