Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampire Diaries..

For the last few weeks I have been sleeping in what I call, the modified vampire pose. Not standing but pretty much sitting straight up.  The baby seems to think it is fun to make a game against my esophagus and anything I have consumed 3 hours prior to sleeping.  Even trying to lay down is off limits unless I want to start choking and coughing, immediately.  This makes for quite a rough bed time. My typical night goes as following: 10PM: Lay down in modified vampire, pray I don't have heart burn and choking spells, toss and turn while trying to get comfy and get mad that Hal is already soundly asleep.  11:30PM: Bathroom break (I know, right?!..after only vampiring for an hour or so.. believe me, its really annoying).  1:30AM: Bathroom break number 2. A bit of insomnia, rearranging pillows and sometimes a glass of chocolate milk.  After that I usually sleep pretty well.  6:30AM: Hal's alarm goes off. I stay in bed.  7:30AM: Up to make cereal and coffee and send my hubby off to work.   One would think this would be a great time to go back to sleep right? Husband is gone, house is quiet.. Um, not so much.  Even if I didn't have a list a mile long of things I want to do, the baby is ready to play his/her favorite game against my esophagus.  Laying down is completely out of the question for the next few hours.  This new vampire pose does make me want to bite people's head off sometimes (figuratively speaking, of course) but for the most part I think I am adjusting quite well to this new trend of not sleeping. I think it is God's way of preparing me for January...that or this baby is really into the Twilight Saga..