Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For kicks and giggles (and my baby notes)

17 weeks 3 days:

As we lay down to sleep last night, I had my hand laying on my stomach, like I do every night, in hopes of feeling PK jump around. I was having trouble getting comfortable but had finally found a spot. A few moments later I felt something-a BIG something-TWICE!! It was Baby Kern! I just felt Pop Kern kick my hand- twice! They were pretty big kicks for such a little kernel. It was no mistake what I just felt. I think I scared Hal when I yelled with excitement "Baby! I felt the baby kick, give me your hand!" A few minutes later, Hal, with his hand frozen on my tummy shouts "Did you feel that?! That's amazing!" he felt Baby Kern kick too! After that, it was impossible for me to fall asleep.

Baby notes.  These are more just things I want to remember but dont have a great pen and paper pregnancy journal..most wont find any benifit from reading this.

Aug 12 2011 dr. Appt:
Heartbeat 156-158 very string.

Aug 14: bought first pair of maternity jeans and leggings.

12 weeks: nausea went away
13 weeks: energy level increases
13 weeks started getting small baby pump. By 16 weeks it was much more noticeable.
15 weeks: no longer able to wear my shorts
16 weeks 1 day: felt baby kick for first time. Felt like waves, tiny waves
17 weeks: STILL craving carbs, especially potatoes and now sweets. Really wanted cheesecake (for like 3 weeks now) but yet to give in.  Instead I've just been going to Taste Yogurt 2x a week!

As of 16w5d I've gained 4lbs. The first trimester I lost 2 lbs because I so nauseous.
Had a hard time adjusting to sleeping on my side. I gravitate to my back and wake up every morning on my back.
-16 weeks I've  noticed if I didn't eat a substantial dinner then I woke up in middle of night either starving or sick to my stomach.


  1. How wonderful for you! I've never had that experience, but it is one of the things I look forward to most someday - enjoy it!!