Monday, July 25, 2011

28 going on 82

We officially set into our second trimester YESTERDAY! (July 24, 2012).  I am happy to report that the nausea and huge aversion to almost any and all food has been gone for a week or so.  And I am super thrilled to have my energy level back (even though I did nap twice last week).  We had our 12 week appointment and little Pop Kern was doing somersaults on the big screen.  PK also had a strong heart beat of 165bmp, measured 2.5 inches long and weighing in at an ounce.   

Now, let's talk about what happening now that I am in the second trimester.  In the books there is all this talk about energy levels on the rise and you will be going, going, going just like your pre-pregnancy days.  What they fail to mention is the pace at which you will be able to GO-GO-GO.  In two weeks I have gone from a peppy 28 year old to a slow moving 82 year old. Well, at least when I get off the couch, out of bed or for my multitude of visits to the loo.  Instead of springing of my bum at whatever rate the situation calls for, I now have to pace myself like granny with a bad hip.  It's not because I have a huge belly already or I have retained so much water weight I resemble a small home.  Nope, its a little thing called round ligament pain.  Every had it?  If so, you know exactly what I am talking about.  It is a pulling, painful sensation that occurs in my abdomen pretty much every time I stand up, walk funny or I sleep in the wrong position.  The once semi-toned muscles in my stomach are beginning to expand to make room for a growing Pop Kern thus they ache. Often.  Some women experience this their entire pregnancy.  I have been experiencing it for the majority of my pregnancy but they have really picked up A LOT lately. Earlier in my pregnancy I didnt want to tell my doctor b/c they were not that often or severe and I didnt want him to think I was a sissy who had to tell him about every ache and pain.  So now, when I get up- I look like an 82 year old trapped in a 28 year old's body.  But hey, if this is the most I have to deal with for the next trimester, BRING IT ON! I can handle this much better than first trimester symptoms.

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