Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Dryer Shrunk My Favorite Jeans.

So Hal and I decided to have a little impromptu date night. It's 4:00 in the afternoon and I decide that Mellow mushroom pizza is needed and needed now. Not sure he will go for this super unhealthy request at an odd time of day I suggest afterwards doing something he can't resist..movies. He agrees and we are off to start date night with a 4:30 dinner and 6:00 movie. Going to my closet to see what I can tolerate, I decide I think I can handle a pair of cute fitted jeans. Now at work, I must let you know, I have pretty much been wearing the same 5 loose dresses for the last 3 weeks as anything on my stomach drives me bonkers. However, it's date night (and freezing in movie theaters) so I decide to give my favorite pair of jeans a night on the town. I grab them, get pulled half way up and think to myself "huh, these are a little tight..I must have dried them too long." I proceed to finish dressing in them. Still tight, they obviously need to be stretch out a bit. I do a squat and that's when I hear the worst sound known to women.."riiiiip" I look down and its what I was scared of- my favorite pair of white skinny jeans (that I found on sale)..fatally wounded. I still dont think I'm ready to admit it was ME that caused them to rip. I'm blaming it in the dryer. Instead, I put on another pair, opted to not even attempt to "stretch" this pair, tossed on my belly band (for the first time), give myself a one over in the mirror and as I looked at my baggy shirt and my belly banded jeans, I realized- things were changing. No more little black dress with a cocktail before heading out to table 16 for tuna tartar and a 9pm movie. It's comfy clothing and pizza at 4:00 in the afternoon. I tirn off the light and walk down the hall to meet my husband at the front door and that's when he says "you look beautiful". I'm no longer mad that "the dryer" shrunk my jeans.


  1. Such a sweet story...and boy can I relate. Luckily, I don't have to work in the summers so I stay in my "play clothes" (nike shorts, sports bra and tee). 15 weeks, I am realizing pants are not really an option anymore...even with the bellyband! I just want to be comfy:) Love the stories London, keep 'em coming!

  2. We had Mellow Mushroom too!!! We should have planned together!! Your story cracked me up!!!