Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8 Weeks and Counting..

We had our 8 week ultra sound yesterday with Dr.Taavon.  Like any expecting mama, I was a nervous and excited.  We went into the dark little room and the tech began to show us our little kidney bean and how much (s)he had grown.  BK has a heart beat of 185 beats per minute..which is VERY strong! Most heart beats at 8 weeks are between  145 and 165! I had to ask if our little butter bean's was too fast. The tech assured me that everything was fine.  Not only did we see the heart beat, we also heard the heartbeat!  It was amazing! The sound of our baby's heart and knowing that there really is a little bundle of love in my belly made me cry.  It's just amazing.  BK is measuring at 1.6cm  which is just perfect for his (or her) age.  I really enjoy our trips to the doctor, something I never thought I would say!  I'm ready for our 12 week ultra sound now to see how much little BK has grown!

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