Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crying Wolf

We all know Hal didnt follow my amazing plan to tell him the big news and that Mom doesn't follow directions too well, either.  However, I still had high hopes that the Kern's would play right into our plan.  Hal came up with a brilliant plan.  I really thought it was going to be fool proof.  We were going to the beach with Hal's parents, sister and her family and had devised a marvelous plan were we would say we were taking a family portrait and then right before the camera fired, Hal would yell "London's pregnant!" then we would capture everyones excitement and surprise on film.  Well, you guessed it, that did not go as planned.

It was Saturday morning and we were all sitting on the deck chatting.  No one had showered or fixed their hair but we decided to go ahead and get everyone to get a picture.  The Kern's and Sullivan's thought it was a little odd that we wanted a family picture at 10AM pre-shower but were great sports and went along with it.  I had the camera all set up and ready to go and Micah heads inside with Ella. A few minutes later Hal notices Ella is not around and asks where she is. Laura informs us that Ella was about to go down for her nap.  Hal says "well, can we keep her up?"  Laura replied "Well, I would rather not"  Hal pretty much insists that we get Ella, so that we can get a family picture in which none of us have on fresh clothes or fixed hair, still, everyone goes along with it! What troopers!

After Ella comes back out, we all gather around to do a practice shot.  I set the camera on rapid succession so that it will take 10 pictures in a row. Practice shot goes well and we are now ready for the big event.  Hal and I are smiling at each other with excitement. I press the self timer button, run over to the family and we wait for the red light to signal the camera is about to start flashing.  Red light appears and Hal yells "London's Pregnant!!" Flashes go off once- No one is moving. Everyone is still looking at the camera with practiced smiles on their face. Flash two and three go off- Hal and I have now turned with huge smiles on our face to see the expression of everyone. Flash four and five go off- we see no expressions of excitement, just slightly confused looks on every ones face. Flash six and seven go off- Laura is looking at Hal and I as to say "Hal, are you serious? I'm really confused right now." After the last flash finally goes off, everyone turns to Hal immediately and says "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"  We reply "YES! We are due January 17th!"  They all scream with excitement and then say "Hal we didn't believe you! We thought you were just joking around, trying to say something to make us smile!!"  Apparently, Hal is quite the jokster and his family doesn't believe him all the time because he is always pulling their leg with something.  Guess he cried wolf too much in the past!

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