Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plans Are Like Hershey Bars..made for Breaking

Quick recap- on Tuesday I found out we were expecting. Tuesday night I told Hal. Wednesday I was supposed to have pedicures with mom and NOT tell her the great news. Longest pedi ever!! I wanted to tell so bad but I knew I had to wait until Hal and Dad were present. So I made plans to do dinner with my parents on Thursday night.  I asked if Dad was going to be able to join and mom said "Well, he has to get the grass cut but hopefully he can eat with us" So, as you can see, telling the family was not going to be as easy as one would hope.

We get to their house for dinner and I have inside my purse a big chocolate candy bar. My mom is a chocolate fanatic. The biggest drawer in her office has been given the sole responsibility of holding all of her chocolate.  Attached to the big chocolate bar in my purse is a note that says "I thought you might like a LITTLE something SWEET around the house... slide cover off chocolate bar."  My thought is to give her the chocolate and with the note and when she slides the cover off it will reveal a note that says " On January 17, 2012 you are going to be grandparents!"  Well, plans must be made for breaking because that is exactly what she did!  I know it must have seemed odd that  I was giving her a chocolate bar before dinner, I mean, why not just wait until after? But she prepared some items that I could not eat now that I was pregnant.  So, she had to open the bar now so I could explain why I wasnt eating something. I gave her the bar. She glanced at it, said thanks and sat it down.  My heart sank a little. She is not following the directions!!! So a moment later I said "did you read the note?" Mom replied "Yes, I did" and kept fixing dinner. I said "Well, did you read all of it?" She said "London, I am trying to get dinner on the table! I will read it in a few moments!"  Not giving up, I said "Will you just read it real quick?" With a little resistance,  she picked up the chocolate bar, read the entire note again and FINALLY followed the directions.  She slid the cover back and immediately screamed aloud with excitement.  I dont think Dad even had to read the chocolate bar to figure out what just happened  After everyone gave hugs and kisses we finished getting dinner ready and on the table. Dad said a sweet blessing and prayed for our new bun in the oven. It was such a special night.  I'm glad mom finally did what I asked!

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