Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Will We Ever Have A Blueberry??

Shortly after our trip to the beach, I became concerned that my pregnancy symptom (yes, just one symptom) had stopped.  Up until the beach trip my boobs had been just a tiny bit sore.  Now, nothing. Nadda. Zip. So I decided to call the doctor and get their opinion. They had me take another at home pregnancy test to confirm I was still pregnant. I was more nervous taking that test then I was taking the one to find out if we were pregnant!  It said positive so I followed the doctors orders and came on in.  I love my Doctor, Dr.Taavon, b/c he doesnt make you feel like you are being a paranoid crazy lady for freaking out over everything. He was great, he told me he was glad I came in and that I should always follow my instincts.  I was secretly hoping they would do an ultrasound but I didnt want to over step my boundaries by asking for one. Luckily, he asked if I would mind doing one. We were able to see the heartbeat!!  It was nice and strong at 112 beats per minute, said the tech.  By this point we were all assuming I was 7 weeks along. I was so excited to be done 6 weeks because at seven weeks our little sesame seed became a blueberry! I liked how big he was going to be that week- I felt that was quite a substantial growth.  Dr.Taavon, though, told me that we were going to have to be a sesame seed for another week because our little seed was only measuring 6 weeks.  This was concerning because there is a 5% chance that our baby is developing slowly.  Hal, of course knew he had to point out to his worrisome wife that this means there is a 95% that everything is just fine.  So for two weeks we have been a sesame seed and I have been trying not to worry too much. This is not fun because I had already read all about week 6 developments, changes and growths. For a whole week I had nothing new to explore and find out about our baby. I just had to re-read week 6.  Luckily, yesterday marked  week 7 and our little apple seed is finally a blueberry!  We go back on the 13th of June for another ultrasound. I cant wait to see how much (s)he has grown!

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