Friday, June 17, 2011

If I Yawn, It's Not You- It's Me.

Along with the ultrasounds, Guatemalan baby booties and excitement that comes with finding out your going to be a new mommy also comes some not so pleasant times.  Nausea, fatigue, headaches and I think what may be the worst- waking up in the middle of the night, wide. awake.  Here is my typical night the last 2 weeks:

Wake up at 11PM to use the bathroom
Wake up at  2AM-2:30AM because I'm wide awake and cant get comfortable
Wake up at  4AM to use the bathroom again
Wake up at  5:30AM..5:38AM..and 5:46AM (when my husband hits snooze to before going to the gym- let's not talk about how guilty I feel when he gets up to go work out and all I can do is role over and give him a kiss as we walks out the door.  I'm so tired from my night that the thought of exercising makes me want to scream.
Wake up at 6:30AM to the alarm..snooze it until 7AM. Dash out of bed and get ready in 30 minutes to be at work by 8AM.  I then spend the next 5 hours fighting a snooze at my desk.  At 1PM  I head to my parents house (it's closest to my office) for a 30 min nap and a quick bite of lunch.

I guess this is natures way of preparing me for those late nights and sleepless nights but don't you think she could have waited until maybe the 3rd trimester to teach me this lesson?

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